Every day we're striving to move the needle and drive advancement forward at Thermo Fisher Scientific, we don't just research, develop and manufacture leading edge technology. We are also on the constant search for the future and what lies ahead and the future starts right here right now. We are here to transform our customer's experience using immersive technology and virtual engagement platforms.

Our immersive technology helps you to step beyond and connect in ways you've never experienced in the new way of doing things. From in-depth 3D product tours to virtual configurators, we've created a way for you to be able to visually configure and customize their instrument digitally and in minutes.

We want to leverage this immersive technology to change the status quo of what's possible. We are putting you first and providing on-demand engagement when and where you need it.

3D Product Tours

See into the future of science

Our 3D product tours provide a fully immersive web experience that allows you to interact with a highly photorealistic digital 3D model of our products. Learn about the product features and benefits, and get connected with our sales partners who will help you determine what setup you need to meet your workflow and scientific goals.

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3D Virtual Demos

Experience our most innovative products with immersive technology

Our 3D virtual demonstration helps you to understand the features and benefits our products on a case-by-case basis.

Speak with our specialists to get a personal 3D walkthrough, demo, or presentation at a time that suits you best, in the comfort of your own home or office space.

SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer

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SpeciTRAX Sample Transfer System

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Vanquish HPLC and UHPLC Systems

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Customize your scientific experience

Want to build your own customized products?

Simple, powerful and fun to use, our configurators are designed to allow you to see, test, build and experience your ideal product before even requesting for a quote.

Be more efficient, design your products on the go and have a better understanding of your product needs.

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Virtual Tours

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Case Studies & Workflows

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Digital Solutions

Cross between physical and virtual realms at our experience centers!

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Style Sheet for Global Design System
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