Do you have capillary electrophoresis (CE) systems in your laboratory alongside your Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) installation? Would you like to bring them into your Chromeleon CDS environment?

With the CE drivers for Chromeleon CDS, you can seamlessly integrate your CE instruments into your Chromeleon installation, whether that’s a workstation or a compliance-ready, secure, enterprise environment. Connect all your data and instruments to simplify your laboratory workflows and improve lab efficiency

Built for the Lab. Built for compliance.  Without compromise.

One CDS to rule them all

One CDS to rule them all

Single source solution for all of your compliance-ready IC, LC, GC, MS, and now CE assays. Incorporate all your CE assays with photodiode array (PDA), ultraviolet (UV), and/or laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) detectors, into Chromeleon CDS.

Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency

Lower operating and maintenance costs and reduce training requirements with one centralized software to acquire, process, and report all of your laboratory data. Plus, no additional hardware purchase is needed!

Easy method transfer and execution

Easy method transfer and execution

Seamlessly transfer methods from 32 Karat™ Software or utilize the guided instrument method wizard (including the capillary parameters) with its consistent terminology. The user interface provides familiar visuals for easy real-time instrument viewing.

Correlation, collaboration, compliance

Correlation, collaboration, compliance

Aggregate data across the assays to correlate data and trends and improve your lab efficiency with a common user interface. Facilitate easy collaboration across teams with a single software solution. Utilize the suite of compliance tools that Chromeleon CDS provides for GxP and 21 CFR Part 11. 

The CE driver is compatible with the following version of Chromeleon CDS:

  • 7.2.10 MUd onwards
  • 7.3.1
  • 7.3.2

Providing your Chromeleon CDS version is either:

  • 7.2.10 MUd onwards
  • 7.3.1
  • 7.3.2

and you have a spare instrument class 3 license, then yes. If using a PDA detector, a spectral license is also required.

For upgrade or additional licenses, contact your local Thermo Fisher sales representative and request a quote. Click here to request a quote via our webpage.

No, only the PA 800 Plus system is supported.

A class 3 instrument license for Chromeleon software is required. For 3D data acquisition using PDA a spectral license is required.

Contact your local Thermo Fisher sales representative and request a quote. Click here to request a quote via our webpage.

No, assuming the cable to the PC is already attached.

For use of the Chromeleon driver for PA 800 Plus system, the only PC requirement is that it meets installation specifications.

Contact your local Thermo Fisher sales representative and request a quote.

No, SCIEX will not sell the driver with their instrument. Contact your local Thermo Fisher sales representative and request a quote.

The existing 32 Karat methods cannot be directly imported into Chromeleon CDS, but the variables can easily be populated through the guided instrument method wizard as the similar epanel design with the same terminology/nomenclature facilitates easy copying over of existing methods.

It is often preferred by end users to only have 1 instrument per controller requiring a Class 3 Instrument license. However, up to 4 systems can be configured with additional Class 3 licenses, of which, up to 2 systems can perform 3D data acquisition providing a Spectral license is also purchased.

Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Pro, Windows Server 2016 (x64 English)

The driver was developed with firmware version 10.2.5-R. SCIEX owns the firmware.  

The driver can be downloaded via Knowledge and the downloads section of the software support portal support portal Chromeleon >> Related Drivers

Yes. Detailed installation instructions are available here. If you require installation support, contact the local Thermo Fisher sales representative and request a quote.

There is an installation guide and a quick start guide available.    

Instructions are included in the installation guide for the driver. 

SCIEX Field Service Engineers (FSE) will install the PA 800 Plus using 32 Karat on a service laptop. The customer will be responsible for connecting the system to Chromeleon software at installation. 

As the level of qualification varies per laboratory it is recommended to check with your quality assurance department for guidance.

No. OQ procedures from SCIEX will be unchanged and will use 32Karat on the service laptop.  Thermo Fisher is evaluating options to qualify the system via Chromeleon CDS.

The functionality is specified in the release notes.  The driver and release notes can be downloaded via Knowledge 1 and the downloads section of the software support portal >> Chromeleon >> Related Drivers.

SCIEX can provide applications training. Thermo Fisher can provide Chromeleon CDS training.

You will need to contact Thermo Fisher for any concerns regarding the driver. Contact the existing and established support channels

No. SCIEX FSE will service and support these systems utilizing 32Karat via a service laptop.

Service contract for the PA 800 Plus system is supported through SCIEX. Technical issues with the driver are serviced through Thermo Fisher.

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