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Highly efficient Applied Biosystems real-time PCR solutions minimize complexities to help maximize your time and effort

Real-time PCR, also known as quantitative PCR (qPCR), is the gold-standard for sensitive, specific detection and quantification of nucleic acid targets. We developed powerful assay design algorithms, optimized master mixes, created intuitive data analysis software, and built smart instrumentation to help harness the power of real-time PCR across a rich and diverse set of applications. However, our solutions go a step further: every product has been designed with efficiency baked in. And together they work synergistically to bring you a simpler, more flexible, and highly efficient real-time PCR workflow.

Elements of the Applied Biosystems real-time PCR ecosystem

Industry-leading choice for 5ʹ nuclease real-time PCR assays. >20 million predesigned assays (primer/probe sets) available in five formats and unlimited content configurations. Custom designs and individual primers/probes also available.

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QuantStudio Real-time PCR systems

With more than 25 years of qPCR innovation, Applied Biosystems continues to lead the way in performance, reliability, and world-class support. From low- to high-throughput solutions, there’s a QuantStudio real-time PCR system that’s just right for your research.

TaqMan master mixes are optimized to work with our TaqMan Assays to provide optimal sensitivity, specificity, and dynamic range. Our SYBR portfolio offers a variety of features providing a wide range of instrument compatibility.

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Real-time PCR data analysis

From gene expression to Ct analysis and copy number variation determination, we have developed robust analysis software for nearly every real-time PCR application. Plus, all our analysis tools have been optimized for use with our TaqMan Assays on Applied Biosystems Real-time PCR instruments.

Featured real-time PCR solutions


PowerTrack SYBR Green Master Mix

Two-color tracking dye system indicates where pipetting has occurred, reducing potential errors.


QuantStudio 6 & 7 Pro systems

Contemporary technologies for fewer touchpoints and remote monitoring in a smaller footprint.


Pre-spotted 384-well TaqMan Array cards

Can you imagine loading a 384-well array in just a few minutes? We did. Then we made it happen. Discover a simplified real-time PCR benchtop workflow with TaqMan Array cards.

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Real-time PCR applications

Gene expression is the most common application for real-time PCR due to its efficiency at detecting and quantifying target genes, even at very low expression levels.

miRNAs are small, noncoding RNA molecules that direct post-transcriptional suppression of gene expression. Our solutions enable miRNA research from isolation through discovery, profiling, quantitation, verification, and functional analysis.

TaqMan Protein assays combine the sensitive, specific protein-binding capabilities of antibodies with the superior relative quantitation capabilities of 5' nuclease real-time PCR. They enable fast, easy identification and relative quantification of proteins from small sample sizes or limited numbers of cells—all in a homogeneous assay format.

Genetic variation refers to the differences in the DNA sequence encoded within our genomes. Specific applications include:

Real-time PCR is a widely used technology for mutation detection that not only provides excellent sensitivity and specificity when paired with our gold-standard TaqMan Assays, but also provides rapid results and is easy to perform when compared to other methods. Explore these solutions:

Prominent real-time PCR disease research areas


Virology research

Detect specific viruses and verify targets involved in the immunological response to viral infection, including SARS-CoV-2 infection.


Immunology research

Detect and quantitate the expression levels of common and novel immunology biomarkers identified in transcriptomic studies.


Cancer research

Discover and verify oncology biomarkers with gold-standard specificity and sensitivity.


Immuno-oncology research

Discover and verify genomic biomarkers of well-understood checkpoint inhibitors and other immune-related genes.


Real-time PCR learning & support


Real-Time PCR Learning Center

Whether you are new to real-time PCR or an experienced user looking to learn new tricks, we have a library of educational material to help you.


Real-time PCR application support

One destination for all your application support needs: technical information, tips and tricks when starting an experiment, and answers to everyday qPCR problems.


Real-time PCR service & support

Instrument service plans and support, qualification and validation services, expert training, and more. More than 1,400 trained professionals ready to help you.