Maximize your organization’s procurement efficiency by purchasing from Thermo Fisher Scientific electronically. Get a wide range of time and cost-saving electronic purchasing capabilities by using our website for business to business (B2B) service our Supply Center eCommerce system, Supply Center Management System (SCMS).


Key Benefits


  • Minimizes requisition times
  • Automates order placement and processing
  • Facilitates order consolidation—a potential source of cost savings
  • Speeds turnaround—instantaneous order entry to our fulfillment center


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Once you’ve enabled PunchOut, you can buy products on our website easily through your e-Procurement system. Just add products to your Thermo Fisher Scientific cart and selected products can be “punched back” into your procurement system for automated order approval and placement. PunchOut allows you to:

  • Browse products, configure genes and oligos, select Genomic & siRNA assays and more.
  • View real-time product pricing.
  • Send electronic order requests.
  • Receive cXML/EDI order and shipment confirmations.
  • Redeem quotes and promotions.

Electronic Ordering (cXML, EDI)

Electronic ordering enables your e-Procurement system to send orders to Life Technologies via cXML or EDI (see Figure 2). This enables you to:

  • Send electronic order requests.
  • Receive order and shipment confirmations.
  • Utilize ad hoc and catalog ordering.
  • Minimize end-to-end order processing time.


e-Catalog provides your organization with an electronic catalog to be used within your procurement system. Your e-Catalog enables you to:

  • View your specific pricing.
  • Receive scheduled product and pricing catalog updates.
  • Upload the e-Catalog file to your procurement system.


Electronic invoices allow you to:

  • Streamline invoice reconciliation.
  • Eliminate paper invoices.
  • Reduce cost and manual errors.

Supply Center Management System (SCMS)

Provide your organization the ultimate convenience by stocking Thermo Fisher Scientific products on site. With a Supply Center, you get more than just a freezer program.  You get immediate access to the entire breadth and depth of Thermo Fisher Scientific products.

The Supply Center Management System creates efficiencies for Supply Center ordering and inventory management. Search and order from a customized web interface listing the items stocked in your Supply Center as well as the entire Thermo Fisher Scientific catalog.
The additional administration module enables shipment management, cost center tracking and reporting - among other features.

  • Online access to order Supply Center products as well as non-Supply Center items
  • Automated order replenishment for organized and timely shipments
  • Administration module for visibility and tracking of purchases

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