ExoSAP-IT Express PCR Cleanup Reagent

ExoSAP-IT Express reagent offers significant reductions in sample cleanup time with minimal steps, providing the simplest workflow. Eliminate spin columns, magnetic beads, sedimentation, filtration, and gel purifications.

Key features:

  • Five-minute protocol – fast turnaround time
  • One-tube, one-step PCR cleanup – add reagent directly to PCR product
  • Novel enzyme technology – irreversibly inactivated in just one minute at 80°C
  • Complete sample recovery – 100% recovery of PCR products, regardless of amplicon length
  • Eliminates spin columns or beads – helps to significantly decrease time and errors while increasing yield
  • Compatible – no interference in downstream applications
  • Scalable – treat a wide range of volumes
  • Multiple formats – single-tube, 8-tube strip, and 96-well plate formats offer flexibility for manual or automated workflows
  • Optional tracking dye – helps to avoid losing track of reagent addition during pipetting
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