>300x Taq fidelity

Invitrogen Platinum SuperFi II DNA Polymerase is a hot-start, engineered proofreading DNA polymerase, providing superior fidelity and specificity to your PCR.


  • Exceptional accuracy – Higher than 300x Taq fidelity as determined by next-generation sequencing
  • Simplified workflow – Buffer formulated for primer annealing at 60℃ (no need for a Tm calculator)
  • Increased PCR success – Robust amplification of GC-rich targets, DNA of suboptimal purity, and long sequences
  • Reduced pipetting – Master mix options available with or without direct gel-loading dyes
  • Improved automation – High specificity and benchtop stability for 24 hours after reaction setup, enabled by Invitrogen Platinum hot-start technology

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