TaqMan Endogenous Control Assays

TaqMan Endogenous Control Assays are a collection of assays targeting genes that are commonly used in qPCR gene expression experiments.

No single gene can act as a universal endogenous control for all experimental conditions, so we recommend verifying the chosen endogenous control or set of controls for the sample tissue, cell or treatment.

Features of TaqMan Endogenous Control Assays:

  • Available for nearly 30 species, including human, mouse, rat, cynomolgus and rhesus monkeys, pig, cow, dog, zebrafish, horse, Chinese hamster, fruit fly, rabbit, chicken, and C. elegans
  • Assays are available in 4 sizes: extra small, small, medium and large
  • Assays are available with FAM™ or VIC™ reporter dye
  • VIC and VIC primer-limited assays facilitate duplexing of your gene of interest and endogenous control assays in the same well
  • Guaranteed to perform
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