Chromeleon CDS Overview

Get an overview of the software’s intelligent functionality and how this can help streamline your laboratory’s workflows.

Benefits of Chromeleon CDS

Discover why ChromeleonCDS is our gold standard software for cost savings, compliance, and scalability.

Introduction to Chromeleon CDS

Learn how Chromeleon CDS enables immediate access to all instruments, data, and eWorkflows.

Version 7.2.6

Hear the latest features in Chromeleon CDS, Version 7.2.6: New and improved features for Chromatography and MS and Chromeleon XPS Open Access software.

Version 7.2.7

Hear the latest features in Chromeleon CDS, Version 7.2.7: New and updated instrument drivers, improved data processing, reporting tools, and more!

Version 7.2.8

Hear the latest features in Chromeleon CDS, Version 7.2.8: New and updated instrument drivers, features for Vanquish Duo UHPLC, Dionex ICS-6000 IC system.

Version 7.2.9

Hear the latest features in Chromeleon CDS, Version 7.2.9: Intact protein deconvolution, improved MS processing performance, instrument control and more!

Version 7.2.10

See the new features in Chromeleon CDS 7.2.10: Control for Varian/Bruker/Scion GCs, MS features for bioanalysis workflows and audit version viewer.

Chromeleon 7.2 CDS: Getting Immediate Access

Chromeleon CDS intelligent user interface provides access to all instruments, data and eWorkflows, without the need for training.

Chromeleon 7.2 CDS: The Data Category

In the Data Category you have immediate access to all your data, flexibly organized in a structure optimized for your lab.

Quickly Find Commands Chromeleon 7.2 CDS: The Fluid User Interface (Ribbon)

The interactive Ribbon interface helps you quickly find the commands you need to complete a task.

Virtual Column Separation Simulator

The Virtual Column Separation Simulator eliminates the risks and hassles in optimizing IC separations.

Chromeleon CDS: Recycle Bin

Chromeleon CDS has a Deleted Items folder, also known as Recycle Bin, where users can find and restore items deleted from the Data Vault.

Chromeleon CDS: Data Import

Chromeleon CDS supports the recursive import of many different file types. All these different file types can be imported at the same time, removing the need to do a separate import for each file type.

Chromeleon CDS: Data Export

To facilitate connectivity with other software packages Chromeleon CDS supports the export of many different file types.

Thermo Scientific AppsLab Library of Analytical Applications

AppsLab Library is the only online collection of applications where you can search, view, and download complete methods for execution in the Chromeleon CDS software.

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Chromeleon 7.2 CDS: GC-MS Instrument Control

Control your GC-MS instrument directly through the use of intuitive ePanels.

Chromeleon 7.2 CDS: The Instruments Category

Quickly select and control the instrumentation you need for each analysis. Organize by favorites and search for local devices on your network.

Chromeleon CDS: Gain Instrument Control

During the analysis process control your instruments directly with intuitive ePanels.

Chromeleon CDS: Monitor Instrument Calibration

Automatically track your instrument calibration and restrict usage of instrumentation that is non-compliant.

Chromeleon CDS: UHPLC Method Speed-Up Wizard

Easily convert HPLC methods to UHPLC to speed up analysis.

Chromeleon CDS: Vanquish UHPLC Control

Comprehensive Vanquish UHPLC control.

Chromeleon CDS: LCMS Instrument Control

Seamlessly integrated control of LC-MS via intuitive ePanels.

Chromeleon CDS Autodilution

With Intelligent Run Control, Chromeleon CDS can automatically dilute and re-run samples to bring samples into the calibration range

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Chromeleon CDS: Instrument Method

Manage setup of instrument control parameters through familiar native user interfaces, seamlessly embedded in the Instrument Method Wizard.

eWorkflow Templates

Easily start your analysis with just a few clicks Easily streamline your analysis processes and start your runs with just a few clicks using eWorkflows.

Create Instrument Method

Use intelligent wizards to create methods based on the configuration of your instruments.

Chromeleon 7.2 CDS: Modifying Instrument Methods

The Instrument Method editor uses the same interface as the Instrument Method wizard making it easy to edit your methods.

Create eWorkflows

Configure eWorkflowsto automate sequence creation in accordance with your SOPs.

Chromeleon CDS: Ensure Results Quality

Minimize analytical errors using built-in System Suitability Testing with Intelligent Run Control to perform automated actions based on chromatographic results.

See IRC in Action

Integrated Intelligent Run Control can automatically re-inject if a system suitability test fails.

Smart Startup

Configure your instruments to run with exactly the right settings for your analysis with Smart Startup.

Fraction Collection

Optimize your fraction collection parameters with instant visual updates and no re-injections.

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Sterling: Cobra Wizard

The Cobra wizard quickly guides you to the optimal detection settings for your analysis in a few steps. The processing method is directly updated, ensuring all chromatograms are immediately integrated.

Dynamic Data Processing

View immediate updates to all sequence results. Get instant feedback on your processing changes with Dynamic Data Processing.

Focused Data Views

Quickly view all relevant data for your analysis on one screen with SmartLink.

Easy Peak Integration

Easily integrate unresolved peaks using SmartPeaks™ Integration Assistant.

Update Retention Times

Manually updating retention times as peaks drift can be time consuming and error-prone. In the Processing Method, all retention times in the component table can be automatically updated in one click.

Quick Integration Setup

Consistently integrate all chromatograms by configuring the initial detection parameters with the Cobra™ wizard.

Create Component Tables

Manually creating component tables, and especially with large numbers of components, can be tedious and error-prone. The component table wizard facilitates table creation and reduces the chances of errors.

Easy Calibration Setup

Manually setting up a data processing method is tedious. With Chromeleon CDS, you only enter standard amounts. Calibration levels are created in your injection list and synchronized to the component table. Dynamic linking updates the calibration curve/results.

Benefits of Chromeleon CDS

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Custom Report Designer

Easily create, modify, and save your own report templates to meet your reporting requirements.

Rapid Report Generation

Utilizing the included reporting template capabilities, a final report can be generated in just two simple steps.

Find Variables

With the Chromeleon CDS flexible Report Designer, you can quickly modify your report template, as well as find, add, and edit report formulas.

Add Plot

The Chromeleon CDS provides a flexible spreadsheet-based Report Designer so you can quickly customize your report to contain various plot types to meet reporting requirements.

Adding Spreadsheet Formulas

In the Report Designer, custom calculations can easily be added to meet your reporting requirements — all with full traceability and without the need for external spreadsheets.

Checking Reports

Report Designer provides a built-in error check for reports, automatically checking every entry in the entire report and providing a simple interface to easily correct any errors.

Monitor Analysis Quality

Laboratory reports, such as control charts, can be time-consuming to manually collate for required data and updates. Using an Injection Query (a simple set of search criteria) combined with Interactive Charts, provides instant feedback on analyses quality.

Monitor Instrument Utilization

Having information about your laboratory performance gives you control of your processes. By combining Injection Queries and Report Templates, you can evaluate all your instrument data and easily visualize this information (e.g., instrument utilization statistics).

Custom Formulas

Custom Formulas allow saving user-defined calculations as standard report variables. The formula only needs to be validated once and can then be used anywhere a report parameter can be used.

Fraction Collection Reporting

Experience the powerful fraction collection visualization, processing, and reporting tools of the Chromeleon CDS.

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Sterling Pharma Solutions Ltd: Compliance and Data Integrity Driven by Chromeleon CDS Designer

Easily create, modify, and save your own report templates to meet your reporting requirements.

Chromeleon CDS: Enabling seamless data flow from lab to enterprise

Utilizing the included reporting template capabilities, a final report can be generated in just two simple steps.

Reassign Instrument License

Sometimes it’s necessary to relocate modules or instruments. With Chromeleon CDS, you can quickly and easily update the license assignment in the Administration Console’s license manager.

Automatic Network Discovery

Installation and configuration of new workstations in a network can be very complex and time consuming. With the Discovery Service, all computers in the network are automatically connected to and configured for your ChromeleonDomain with just a few clicks.

Operational Security

The unique XVault™ infrastructure provides Operational Security for your laboratory and prevents data loss ensuring the highest lab uptime possible.

Scheduled Data Archiving

Chromeleon CDS can organize your data by combining the powerful Injection Query with the Scheduler. Your data can be collated and moved to a storage Data Vault, easily organizing your system for optimal performance.

Organizational Units

Organizational Units permit system administrators to share the infrastructure (network, servers) with a centralized point of administration, while each laboratory/site can retain the ability to manage their own users according to requirements.

Data Vault Load Balancing

Chromeleon CDS provides load balancing for its Data Vault Service, which handles data exchange between Data Vaults and the Chromeleon Client. Load balancing allows distribution of workloads across multiple computing resources, increasing reliability through redundancy.

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Make Compliance a Competitive Advantage with Chromeleon CDS

Simplify meeting the latest demanding regulations. With audit trails tracking all actions, you can defend your data with utmost confidence.

Audit Trail Viewer for Data Integrity and Compliance

The Audit Trail viewer allows users to filter, group and sort in real-time to quickly find events of interest, like deleted actions.

Chromeleon CDS Audit Trail Review - Visual Comparison

Reviewing data audit trails is critical to ensure data integrity. Chromeleon CDS visual comparison makes it fast and easy with clear graphical justification.

Chromeleon CDS Audit Trail Events

Use Audit Trail Events in Chromeleon CDS to log external events in the Data Audit Trail connecting multiple audit trails to streamline the review process.

Queries for Periodic Data Review

Testing into compliance is a point of emphasis for regulators. Periodic review of data vaults using the powerful Injection Query system can help identify if this is occurring in your lab.

Privileged Actions and Comments Functions

Privileged Actions are any operations that require a password and/or comment to be entered. You can setup Chromeleon CDS to make comments default or free-form.

Manage User Roles

Chromeleon CDS provides comprehensive user management tools in the Administration Console, enabling you to define what users can change and/or access.

Restrict Access

With Chromeleon CDS’ flexible user management controls, you can create access groups to restrict access to data and/or instruments to ensure the integrity and security of your data.

Operational Qualification

Typical qualification of chromatography data systems is a time-consuming manual process. The ChromeleonCDS Operational Qualification (OQ) feature is a fully automated routine that qualifies the software in under 7 minutes.

Integrated Audit Trails

Data integrity requires a full history of all changes made. Chromeleon CDS provides a comprehensive set of audit trails, tracking all changes made to the instruments, user databases, and all data objects.

Versioning and Rollback

Chromeleon CDS stores all previous versions of a data object. All changes can easily be viewed and compared, or previous versions restored with the version comparison tool.

Viewing Audit Trails

All audit trails can be printed directly from the audit trail viewer or included in your reports.

Electronic Reports

Electronic Reports provide a pre-submission preview of your final results that can be signed at any time. Once signed, the entire sequence is locked and protected from further changes, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Securing Data

As well as using Electronic Signatures you can also secure data by locking injections, sequences, folders and even Data Vaults, making them read only.

Password Restrictions

Chromeleon User Management provides a large set of options for compliance with your company’s password rules.

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Overview of the ISQ EC MS Control Panel

Simplify meeting the latest demanding regulations. With audit trails tracking all actions, you can defend your data with utmost confidence.

Visualize MS Data

View organized tables of all MS components that include traces of the quantitation and confirming ions.

MS Library Search

Perform library searches for confirmation and identification of components using any library in NIST format, including custom built libraries.

Consolidated Reports

Handle large amounts of multi-channel MS data with consolidated report tables that feature repeating functionality.

Channel-Centric Data Viewing

Chromeleon CDS provides comprehensive user management tools in the Administration Console, enabling you to define what users can change and/or access.

Interactive Mass Spectral Plots

With Chromeleon CDS’ flexible user management controls, you can create access groups to restrict access to data and/or instruments to ensure the integrity and security of your data.

Quickly Generate XICs

In Chromeleon CDS, the creation of extracted ion chromatograms is very simple. Either interactively select the masses or mass ranges in the Mass Spectral Plot or manually perform extractions directly from your data.

MS Peak Detection

Chromeleon CDS provides a simple interface to view all component properties, together with all other settings, such as quantitation and conformation ions, identification and calibration settings, in one screen.

MS Import Compound Data

With Chromeleon CDS you can quickly create component tables, complete with quantitation and confirmation ion information, by electronically importing information from NIST-based compound databases.

Spectral Library Search in Multiple Libraries

Checking an unknown peak against spectral libraries is often a manual and time-consuming process. With Chromeleon CDS, you can automatically search across multiple spectral libraries.

Library Search Results in Peak Labels

When selecting one or more MS spectral libraries, Chromeleon CDS shows an instant overview of spectral library search results for all peaks in the chromatogram. You can add these results directly to the peak label in the chromatogram for an easier overview.

Library Searching on Result Chromatograms

Chromeleon CDS can automatically perform a library search on the resulting chromatogram, providing valuable information about the differences between the two initial chromatograms.

Combine MS and Other Detector Results

Chromeleon CDS seamlessly combines results of multiple IC, LC, and GC detectors with MS data. This eliminates the need for multiple software packages and coordinates a reliable, unified process.

Export RAW

Chromeleon CDS supports the export of different file types. This can be set up in the report template and used for automatic or manual export of selected data.

Non-targeted MS Processing

Non-targeted MS processing enables differential analysis of highly complex MS data sets. Chromeleon CDS confidently and reproducibly identifies components with statistically significant inter-sample differences in abundance.

MS Compound Data Sync

With Chromeleon CDS, you can import acquisition parameters exported from other Thermo Scientific MS software packages or Xcalibur methods. You can also synchronize component transitions between the instrument and processing methods.

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