The perfect rheometer for quality control

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS iQ series of rheometers provide broad flexibility and ease of use for everyday quality control requirements.

Quickly test viscosity and rheological properties of your materials for these industries:
Paints & Coatings • Processed Food • Cosmetics and Personal Care • Pharmaceuticals • Battery & Clean Energy • Polymers & Chemicals • Cement & Building Materials • Bitumen • Crude Oil

A smarter rheometer for quality control

Thermo Scientific HAAKE  MARS iQ Rotational Rheometers ensure intuitive, reliable and flexible rheological measurements. 

  • Convenient operation: Built-in “assist” functionality simplify operations and prevent measuring failures.
  • SOP execution at your fingertips: Launch measuring protocols directly from the 7-inch instrument touchscreen or from Thermo Scientific RheoWin PC Software.
  • Extended analytical capabilities: A sensitive normal force sensor enables extended measuring capabilities like texture analysis or tribology measurements.

See it for yourself:

Execute SOP’s with a single touch:

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