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How to self-authenticate your Gibco FBS products via WeChat

Step 1 — My Thermo Fisher Scientific WeChat

Go to the Thermo Fisher hub on WeChat. Select “Real Gibco FBS or fake?” under My Thermo Fisher.

Go to the Thermo Fisher hub on WeChat

Step 2 — How to authenticate

Use phone to scan QR code on FBS product or enter RFID 10-digit alpha-numeric code to verify authenticity.

Use phone to scan QR code on FBS product or enter RFID 6-digit number to verify authenticity

Step 3 — Scan QR code

The QR code can be found on the side of the FBS product.


Scan QR code

Step 4 — Check your details

Review and authenticate product shipment details, including your order number, lot number, and Cat. No., to ensure you received real Gibco FBS.

Check your details

Step 5 — Confirm receipt 

Confirming receipt of all FBS products in your order helps provide you with confidence that you have real Gibco FBS.

Confirm receipt

Report counterfeit

If you notice any of the following issues, you may have received counterfeit material; please report to us immediately with supporting evidence, so we can investigate.

  • Following numbers don’t match your order: sales order number, Cat. No., and lot numbers
  • Quantity of FBS bottles you ordered doesn’t match  the quantity highlighted in the app
  • Order receipt has already been confirmed by another WeChat user

Concerned about possible counterfeiting of any other products in our catalog?
Contact Customer Service.

Watch: Fighting the fakes with our new anti-counterfeiting program

Beware of imitations

You’re probably familiar with counterfeit, lower-quality “knockoff” luxury products like imitation designer handbags and watches. But did you know that in many busy markets around the world, unscrupulous merchants have been flooding the science industry with counterfeit reagents?

These falsely labeled, knockoff products represent a very serious problem because the ability to succeed in science depends on the reproducibility of results. Using even one counterfeit product in your research can lead to a waste of time, materials, and money; it can jeopardize years of research and potentially the ability to get published.

Read the article in Nature about the challenges of counterfeit reagents

Fighting the fakes

After monitoring this problem, Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a robust strategy to combat the counterfeits. It’s critically important to us that when you use our branded FBS and other reagents, you can be confident they’re the genuine, high-quality products you rely on to help you achieve consistent and reproducible results.

We’re introducing a new, anti-counterfeiting program, featuring a simple but effective way for researchers to self-authenticate some of our most counterfeited products (ordering table below). Through the Thermo Fisher Scientific WeChat app, researchers can utilize RFID/QR code technology to confirm that they’ve received legitimate products, like our Gibco FBS. Furthermore, if you suspect you’ve received counterfeit material, we’ve empowered you to share information with us via WeChat to help us defeat the counterfeiters.

Ordering information

Gibco FBS products currently in our new anti-counterfeiting program

For further information, please contact your customer service representative at LSGCNreagentcs@thermofisher.onmicrosoft.com

For Research Use or Further Manufacturing Use only. Serum and blood proteins are not for direct administration into humans or animals. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.