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Result Type

pChlamy_4 载体图

pMCS minP-Tluc16-DD 载体图

pMCS minP-Tluc16 Hygro 载体图

pCMV-Gaussia Luc 载体图

pTK-Cypridina Luc 载体图

pTK-Green Renilla Luc 载体图

pCMV MCS N-Tluc Vector 载体图

pT7CFE1-NHis-GST Vector 载体图

pCR-XL-2-TOPO 载体图

pBlueBac4.5/V5-His-TOPO 载体图

pBudCE4.1 载体图

pcDNA1/Amp/CAT (replaced with pcDNA1.1/Amp) 载体图

pGene/V5-His /LacZ 载体图

pcDNA3/CAT (replaced with pcDNA3.1/CAT) 载体图

pYES7L 载体图

    //TODO: Add Application and Product Category