ELISA Microplates and Plasticware

We offer a wide selection of microplates with a variety of surfaces optimized to capture the biomolecule of your choice. 96-well and 384-well plates, as well as breakable and unbreakable modules, are available in a range of colors and well designs to accommodate many throughput levels and applications. We also offer all the plasticware needed to complete your ELISA protocols.

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High-quality Thermo Scientific labware is an excellent replacement for glass in most life science labs. Our reusable plasticware products include cylinders, burets, flasks, funnels, beakers, and hundreds of additional products.

Reagents designed for developing ELISA or other plate-based immunoassays include specific antibodies (e.g., matched antibody pairs), enzyme conjugates, blocking buffers, sample and wash buffers, and enzyme substrates.