Polymers & Composites

Design, develop, manufacture and troubleshoot across the complete range of materials with vibrational spectroscopy, lab-scale extrusion and compounding, and rheological instrumentation. Thermo Fisher Scientific is perfectly positioned to assist the development and manufacture of plastic parts and pieces, and aid in designing bold new composite materials for tomorrow's automobile.

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Product formulation  |  Failure analysis  |  Material identification  |  Curing  |  Quality control

Product Formulation
Product formulation

Study material behavior to develop advanced product compositions and designs.

Failure Analysis
Failure analysis

Analyze defects, detect and identify contaminants, and determine root cause to understand product failure.

Material Identification
Material identification

Identify unknown materials and verify material composition throughout the product development and manufacturing process.


Study reactions and understand chemical and physical changes of materials during the curing process.

Quality Control
Quality control

Ensure products meet the expected standards throughout the research, development and manufacturing processes.