Drug Development, Clinical Research, & Clinical Trial Services

A complete suite of capabilities across CRO and CDMO services—CRDMO

Your drug development journey can be accelerated and simplified from early development to clinical trials, through commercialization by our global, purpose-built, end-to-end CRO and CDMO expertise provided by PPD clinical research services, Patheon pharma services and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Being an integrated CRO and CDMO, a CRDMO provides you expertise and unparalleled resources for all phases of your drug development and manufacturing, from early development through clinical research and commercialization.

Our complete set of services can help take your molecule from research to market

We support your asset development with our combined CDMO and CRO—“CRDMO”—expertise. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers and end-to-end suite of drug development and clinical services spanning drug substance and drug product manufacturing for small molecule, large molecule and advanced therapies, clinical supply, clinical research, and commercialization.


Our unique fully end-to-end approach ensures shared accountability across the drug development process, enabling increased speed, simplicity, and scalability.


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Decades of experience bringing innovative therapies to market globally

We recognize the need to continually evolve and closely partner with our customers to support them throughout their journey of bringing innovative medicines to market.


Selection of our awards

CDMO leadership awards


Recognized across 5 categories, Patheon Pharma Services, Thermo Fisher Scientific

2024 winner: Capabilities

Overall, Big Pharma, Small Pharma

2024 winner: Expertise

Small Pharma

2024 winner: Quality

Small Pharma

2024 winner: Reliability

Small Pharma

2024 winner: Compatibility

Overall, Big Pharma, Small Pharma

CRO leadership awards



2023 CRO Leadership Award

12th consecutive year of recognition in various categories

2023 PharmaTimes

Clinical Research Company of the Year—International competition

2023 Asia Pacific Vaccine Excellence Award

Best Vaccine CRO

2022 Vaccine Industry Excellence Award

Best CRO and Best Lab

2022 TOPRA Award

Regulatory excellence

Enter the CRDMO: Reshaping drug development through CRO/CDMO integration


Accelerate your asset development and proactively mitigate risks


Fewer vendors, centralized governance and program coordination for streamlined execution


Global networks with regional expertise for seamless scale-up