Our Thermo Scientific™ molecular spectroscopy solutions deliver a full spectrum of analytical tools that help you make critical decisions with confidence. Our innovative, high performance instruments and user-friendly software lead you to the definitive answers you are looking for, be it on the production floor or in research and analytical services laboratories.

Bring the accuracy and reliability of a lab-proven technology directly to the scene. Thermo Scientific handheld Raman analyzers provide clear, definitive results in the field for instant identification of counterfeit and hazardous materials.

Improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency from the lab to the production line. Thermo Scientific NIR and FT-NIR analyzers set the standard for process and quality control analytics through intuitive operation and unique combination of performance, power, and support.

GMO 测试组合包含完整工作流程的解决方案,您可检测大豆、玉米和下游加工处理产品中是否含有GMO 特异性DNA 序列,包括通用检测,即检测并量化所有欧洲批准的 GMO 以及大多数已在其他地方获批准的 GMO。

我们的实时动物种类 PCR 测试解决方案组合包括高灵敏度测试试剂盒,适用于食品和饲料产品行业的牛肉、家禽、反刍动物、马肉和猪肉 DNA 检测。 



液相色谱-和气相色谱-质谱分析(LC-MS 和 GC-MS)和核磁共振技术 (NMR) 用于对预定义食品成分的目标分析或筛选掺杂剂和添加剂,以检查食品标签要求。

How Isotopes Can Help with Food Authenticity Control
How isotopes can help with food authenticity control

Isotopic analyses of foods have become a widespread tool to evaluate the quality, authenticity and origin of food products. See how IRMS technology is improving food quality.