FTIR spectroscopy features


Thermo Scientific FTIR instruments for innovative spectroscopic analysis

The Thermo Scientific Nicolet family of spectrometers offers unrivaled flexibility, performance, and reliability for quality control, analytical services, or high-powered research.

Full range of FTIR solutions

We offer a full range of solutions, from the small-footprint, simple-use Thermo Scientific Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer to the highly configurable, flexible Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer. Each has best-in-class performance to help you identify your unknowns, discover new structures, or provide quantitative insights. The ability to couple with an FTIR microscope extends the capabilities to below 10-microns and into the fields of microplastics and contaminant analysis.

Innovative and versatile FTIR software for your diverse needs

We supply innovative and versatile software, from the long-established market-leading Thermo Scientific OMNIC Software to the recently designed, 64-bit, database driven OMNIC Paradigm Software package. Both control the instruments, provide diagnostic tools, and contain a huge array of analysis tools from the simple, like baseline correction, to advanced features like multi-component search. OMNIC Paradigm also offers outstanding tools to build workflows, enabling you to rapidly and efficiently encode your SOPs.

Partner for your analysis with our FTIR method development and validation

The team at Thermo Fisher Scientific will be your partner in developing the tools you need for your analysis. We work with industries, academia, and small businesses to ensure they have the tools they need to perform their work, from new features being added to the core software to the development of workflows to accomplish complex, multistep tasks.

Leaders in FTIR instrument service and support

Our Nicolet spectrometers have always been a leader in reliability. Our world-class service is now augmented by validation tools that provide “look ahead” information direct to the factory (when permitted). We also have software and hardware that validate your instrument, to help ensure confidence in your data for use in drug discovery or forensics investigations, secure your data, and prove its value to internal or external stakeholders. Our international service team is unrivalled in skill and coverage, offering services including rapid response and training.

FTIR lab instruments to provide solutions for a range of analytical problems

We interface with many sampling techniques to provide you with solutions to almost any analytical problem, from low-concentration gas phase work to ultra-thin film analysis using grazing angle technologies. Our sample compartment permits the use of a wide array of options including hyphenated methods such as TGA-IR (for deformulation) or GC-IR (for silicon wafers and discs).


The keys to success in your laboratory are often speed, accuracy, and reliability, all of which you can count on our solutions to deliver. Whether you are in forensics, pharmaceuticals, polymers, industrial gas, or a general analytical or quality control laboratory, you will find we have the tools you need. Teachers and academic professionals can find simple, yet flexible systems for education, while researchers can discover all the tools they need, from the macro to the micro.