Clinical laboratory quality control software to simplify your QC revision

Thermo Scientific LabLink xL web-based quality control software allows for QC results to be monitored with peer-to-peer comparison and automated data entry. Easy to set up, Lablink xL can be used with Thermo Scientific MAS QC products or any other QC products.*

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Efficient collaboration with your affiliated laboratories
Fast troubleshooting with global peer-to-peer comparison
Electronic signature for audit-friendly reports
Secured, long-term QC data storage with AWS™

Seamless integration of QC results with automated data transfer

Diagram showing how LabLink xL laboratory QC software interacts with instruments, middleware, and LIS
Automatically transfer quality control data from your instrument, laboratory information system (LIS), or middleware to LabLink xL quality control software, eliminating the need for manual entry and submission cutoff dates.  

Stay audit-ready thanks to real-time comparison report generation

Audit-friendly QC report
Receive easy-to-read reports automatically to your email inbox to help monitor lab performance by shift, day, and month. Reports can be reviewed and digitally signed with LabLink xL Signature Verification.

Evaluate your method performance to reduce QC runs

Method performance graph
Lablink xL offers all the statistical tools laboratories need, including measurement of uncertainty and Six Sigma. Six Sigma will evaluate the performance of your methods and allow specific sets of Westgard rules to help reduce QC runs.

Watch: Improved quality control revision with LabLink xL laboratory quality control software

Simplify your QC data management now with LabLink xL clinical laboratory quality control software

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*LabLink xL only requires an internet browser to view the interface. Some autoconnectivity options may require software installation. Non-MAS products are supported by our autoconnectivity and Daily QC features. Peer data for non-MAS products is not available at this time.

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