Explore podcasts, interviews, and webinars featuring women in cryo-EM. Their stories from a variety of life science fields and locations all across the globe will inspire and encourage. Listen, discover, and set out to make your own mark in the cryo-EM movement.

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Check out our latest podcast series, Getting to Know You, featuring casual conversations with leading life scientists that touch on their research and work. 

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Explore these short but thought-provoking interviews to learn more about how women in the field are using cryo-EM to overcome research barriers, better understand viruses like SARS-CoV-2, and answer tough questions. 

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We’ve compiled some of our favorite webinars from women in cryo-EM. 

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We are always looking for new ways to honor the legacy of women in science and share the incredible research they’re doing. If you need a guest speak for your next event, we can point you towards an ever-growing list of standout female scientists in cryo-EM.

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