Electron microscope components

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a world-leader in electron microscopy component products such as thermal field emission sources and liquid metal ion sources.

Electron emitters

Thermal field emission electron guns

Schottky emission, a form of thermal field emission, is the leading electron source technology used in our advanced electron beam equipment. The most common applications of Schottky emissions are seen in high resolution SEM, TEM, e-beam lithography, and Auger systems.


  • Easy to use
  • Long source life
  • Small virtual source size
  • High brightness
  • High stability
  • Low noise

LaB6 emitters

For information about our LaB6 emitters, contact our local customer service team. For other system inquiries, contact Applied Physics Technologies.

CeB6 electron source

For information about our CeB6 emitters, contact our local customer service team. For other system inquiries, contact Applied Physics Technologies.

Focused ion beam sources

Liquid metal ion sources

Liquid metal ion sources (LMIS) are the answer to high resolution, focused ion beam (FIB) imaging, nanofabrication, depth profiling, SIMS*, ion doping and ion beam lithography. Thermo Fisher Scientific uses liquid metal ion sources in a variety of configurations: FIB columns, FIB systems, and DualBeam systems.


  • High angular intensity
  • Stable emission process

Single crystal tungsten

We also offer zone refined single crystal tungsten wire in a myriad of orientations, diameters, and lengths.

OEM microscopy parts

OEM products

The world's leading microscopy and analytical systems manufacturers rely on our columns. We create superior designs and manufacture them using a reliable, high volume methodology.

We offer integrated design services, from initial concept to mass column production. Whether you want a unique column design or to outsource your current column production, your operation will benefit from a partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific

Manufacturing excellence

Our world-class manufacturing organization relies on established quality practices, from design-for-manufacturability to standard process control techniques. We produce the world's highest volume of electron and ion columns and sources.

Thermo Fisher Scientific component partner OEM customers are involved in the following applications:

  • CD SEM
  • Electron beam defect review
  • Electron beam defect inspection
  • High resolution UHV SEM imaging
  • Auger analysis
  • SPM probe positioning
  • Depth profiling
  • FIB surface modification

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