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Connecting you with state-of-the-art centralized facilities

Here you’ll find a list of global facilities where you can start your cryo-EM journey. Select a region and click on the facility name to visit their website where you can learn more about next steps.


Some of our participating labs



What to expect when engaging with a centralized facility

Most facilities have an application form that will guide you through proposal requirements. Although the requirements vary by facility, generally you can expect to submit a research proposal for independent scientific and technical evaluation that speaks to the following:

  • Scientific background and project significance
  • Technical suitability and feasibility including descriptions of the sample and sample quality  

Individual facilities also offer different levels of service, which may include sample prep, grid screening, and cryo-EM training.


Interested in learning more about sample preparation?

As the specimen preparation is a vital step in the cryo-EM workflow it is important to have a good understanding of the specimen preparation steps and to have the right set of equipment to prepare the cryo-EM specimen.

Fill out this form to download our sample preparation guide.  


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