Empowering high-resolution enumeration of microbial organisms, Axiom Microbiome Array accelerates your microbiome research in profiling human and animal-associated microbiota with a single assay.

  • Detects greater diversity and higher resolution than 16s rRNA gene sequencing
  • Comprehensive coverage of five kingdoms
  • Species- and strain-level resolution
  • Simplified analysis and predictive modeling of microbial organisms with Axiom™ MiDAS

Learn how Axiom Microbiome Array compares to 16S rRNA gene sequencing.

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Axiom Microbiome Array Image

Axiom Microbiome Array

Easy, streamlined solution for microbiome profiling
Axiom Microbiome Array in 24- and 96-format enables for the detection of over 11,000 organisms including archaea, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. Utilizing the robust Axiom 2.0 biochemistry, Axiom Microbiome Solution offers species- and strain-level resolution with the ability to make plasmid-level target identification using the easy-to-use Axiom Microbial Detection Analysis Software (MiDAS).

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Axiom MiDAS

Axiom Microbial Detection Analysis Software offers complete analysis to strain-level with direct access to external NCBI databases for the latest information of known organisms.

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Human Genotyping for Biobanks

Biobank genotyping arrays offer comprehensive coverage of relevant biological content categories and customizable modules for genome-wide association studies (GWAS).

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Axiom and Eureka™ genotyping solutions offer breeders and researchers an entire spectrum of powerful tools to use for any animal or plant species.

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