Learn about recent advances in qPCR reagent lyophilization

Date/Time:Tuesday, May 22, 2018
12:15 p.m.
Location:Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa
Lisbon, Portugal
Session:Advanced Diagnostics for Infectious Disease

Interested in lyophilizing your qPCR assay? The lyophilized (freeze dried) format of nucleic acid-based assays provides many advantages in terms of stability and shipping costs. Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed numerous lyophilization-compatible (lyo-ready) reagents, including enzymes, master mixes, and assays. Attend this presentation to learn about how we can enable you to develop a lyophilized assay.


Junko Stevens, R&D Senior Director

Junko graduated from the chemistry department of Kobe University, Japan. She joined Applied Biosystems (Foster City, USA) in 1990. She has been a R&D Senior Director at Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2011. Her primary responsibilities include developing genetic analysis products and workflows for qPCR reagents, sample prep, assays and new application development.

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