Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3.2 Chromatography Data System (CDS) was built to simplify your laboratory workflow and to give you superior insights into your data, delivering ease of use, comprehensive instrument control, automated data analysis, and flexible reporting. From constantly changing research and discovery methods, to routine testing and anything in between, Chromeleon CDS streamlines your entire workflow, delivering better results, faster, and with more confidence.

Learn how Chromeleon Software can boost your laboratory efficiency with one CDS designed to consolidate laboratory operations and deliver significant productivity and efficiency gains.

What are users saying?
"Due to policy, I can't tell much of a story. Let's just say I wish I'd adopted Chromeleon a few years ago before it became my Company's corporate standard."

- Senior Scientist, P&G

Benefits of Chromeleon 7.3.1. CDS for labs
  • Universal Instrument Control: Offering comprehensive, reliable control for over 550 different instrument modules (including CE drivers) and over 35 Mass Spectrometry instruments. Benefit from one software to operate your entire lab
  • Increased confidence in results: With dual sequence processing capabilities you can merge data to enable cross-confirmation between techniques. Speed up data processing, improve efficiency and reduce the risk of misreporting
  • Improved productivity: Use automation tools for fast optimization of your integration and achieve considerable efficiency gains with processing improvements for MS data
  • Ensure data integrity: Secure, administrator-controlled user access and permissions to enable compliance with GxP and 21 CFR Part 11
  • Minimized training requirements: Simplify data processing with a customizable and streamlined user interface. Guide operators step by step with tailored view settings to enable analysts to focus their time on critical tasks
Get more "right first-time" results

Get more "right-first-time" results

Chromeleon CDS was designed with scientists and technicians in mind. It simplifies repetitive tasks, reduces errors and helps you minimize out of specification results. It’s based on something we call Operational Simplicity, improving your lab efficiency through use of:

  •  eWorkflow procedures allowing streamlined sequence creation and ensuring users follow SOPs while minimizing training requirements
  • Automated System Suitability Checks and  Intelligent Run Control enabling more "right-first-time" analyses with automated in-run actions to pass/fail decisions
  • Built in report templates and comprehensive, yet easy-to-customize Excel-style reporting engine enables the rendering of large reports and faster result review by flagging outliers via conditional formatting
Improve productivity by doing more with less

Improve productivity by doing more with less

Achieve considerable efficiency gains with one centrally implemented CDS for both chromatography and MS workflows. Chromeleon CDS streamlines laboratory operations making it easier to train lab staff and faster to implement, plus it enables access to all your resources, data and results from any location. Deliver results, faster by use of:

Connect your laboratory

Connect your laboratory

Network existing Chromeleon CDS stations to create a compliant, laboratory-wide solution. Utilize network resources and centralize administration and get enhanced integration to other laboratory software, such as:

Make compliance a competitive advantage


Chromeleon CDS 基于全新的合规性而设计、可帮助您满足最新的监管要求、并仍然提高生产率。它有助于实现、维护和证明合规性、使您的实验室能够通过以下方式跟上不断变化的标准和法规:

  • 可追溯性及自动创建的全面稽查追踪、其特色是安全、由计算机生成且带时间标记
  • 由管理员控制的安全的用户访问和权限设置
  • 电子签名
  • 对数据对象的版本控制、以了解和查看数据历史以及对结果的影响

Chromeleon CDS – Driving Ease of Use

Setting your laboratory up for success requires selecting the right chromatography data system and ensuring you realize its full capabilities.

Learn how to drive efficiency while ensuring compliance, eliminate errors and streamline data analysis workflows using Chromeleon CDS.

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Built for the Lab without compromise

The laboratory is a centralized hub of activity from sample analysis through to result generation, so it is important that processes are efficient, errors are eliminated, and regulatory requirements are adhered to.

In this series, we discuss how a modern CDS can help you realize your laboratory’s potential with best practices, tips and tricks to help you work smarter and increase productivity while ensuring compliance.

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7.3.2 CDS Software: Best Performance, Stability and Usability

An industry-leading CDS for your lab is essential for maximum efficiency. The software should be designed to deliver superior results, improved user experience, and scalability: cloud deployment.

In this webinar, we discuss how to drive productivity with efficiency using the latest version 7.3.2 CDS. Learn how to streamline your data analysis workflows, save time with improved regulatory compliance, and optimize your lab operations with faster data processing.

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What's new in Chromeleon 7.3.2 CDS

Chromeleon 7.3.2 CDS delivers vast improvements in performance, compliance, and usability while increasing the resilience of network operations.

Chromeleon CDS builds security, quality and trust

Australian-based Ego Pharmaceutical shares the process they used to select their laboratory software - Chromeleon CDS.

借助 Chromeleon CDS 确保业务连续性

Chromeleon 软件提供的解决方案可最大限度地减少和防止系统中断和恶意攻击、从而确保不间断访问。

不折衷的 Chromeleon CDS 解决方案

Chromeleon 软件弥合 IT 和实验室需求的分歧,具有较高的成本效益,可比较轻松地满足所有规定且效率更高。

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