Running into issues with your HPLC or UHPLC analysis? We provide online LC troubleshooting help with a list of symptoms, root causes and solutions for common UHPLC and HPLC problems.

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Our HPLC Troubleshooting Guide App offers more comprehensive solutions to common UHPLC and HPLC problems and to specific symptoms and causes with special technologies such as nano LC, fluorescence and charged aerosol detection.

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HPLC Troubleshooting Guide

The troubleshooting section of each instrument manual provides a specific list of error codes and messages to identify and troubleshoot in detail problems that may arise during the operation of your Thermo Scientific HPLC instruments and associated equipment.

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Find the latest, complete collection of troubleshooting hints, tips, and tools in our Knowledge Base. Use the Knowledge Base to search for troubleshooting information about retired Thermo Scientific products as well.

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With Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3.1 Chromatography Data System (CDS), we introduced an in-built troubleshooting tool for Thermo Scientific Vanquish HPLC and UHPLC instruments. It provides solutions to fix error messages and error codes on Vanquish devices connected to your Chromeleon 7.3.1 CDS. If a diagnostic test is available that helps identify the cause or solve the problem, the last test result or status is displayed, and the test can be started directly from the troubleshooting tool in Chromeleon 7.3.1.

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HPLC introduction and tutorials

HPLC introduction and tutorials

A core part of every installation process is the introduction of our UHPLC and HPLC instruments to its new operators. We call this introduction a customer familiarization.

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HPLC Maintenance Guides and Services

HPLC maintenance guides and services

Our HPLC and UHPLC instruments provide simple maintenance and replacement procedures for consumables.

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HPLC Repair Services

HPLC repair services

Our repair-on-demand or flexible service plan options are provided on-site, via depot repair, or with an on-site service engineer.

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HPLC Training & Education

HPLC training & education

Discover our range of onsite and digital training programs and stay up to date with our latest HPLC information.

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Your Chromatography Data System is a critical component for your laboratory and organization. It is important to have confidence in your software – that it is up to date, properly supported, and running at optimum efficiency. Secure and future-proof your investment with an uninterrupted, cost-effective Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) Enterprise Support Plan.

Get your CDS Support and Maintenance Agreement (SMA) and join the Chromeleon CDS community where productivity and uptime is always maximized. SMA benefits include:

  • Free upgrades to all released Chromeleon CDS versions
  • Direct access to a dedicated CDS support team to resolve critical issues
  • Guaranteed response times for fast resolution of issues
  • Technical support via phone, email and remote support software
  • Online access to the CDS knowledgebase
  • Our training experts will work with you to assess your learning requirements and provide recommendations

If you already have an eService account, visit our Digital Science Support Resource Center where we offer the comprehensive technical support, training, and consulting services described above. Contact us via Global Support Contacts for Digital Science Products.

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Our resource for your mass spectrometry support needs. Obtain technical information, view tips and tricks when starting an experiment, and find answers to everyday problems for liquid chromatography mass spectrometry instruments and reagents.

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In addition to Chromeleon Software, we provide support information for other LC-MS software packages:

We offer help with product selection and ordering, product applications and use, instrument support, field service fulfillment, depot repair, or finding the dealer or distributor for your product of interest.

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