Application specific columns

Carbamate pesticides
Organic acids
Carbonyl compounds
Acclaim carbamateAcclaim explosives E2Acclaim organic acidAcclaim carbonyl C18
Acclaim carbamate*
Acclaim explosives E2*
Acclaim organic acid*
Acclaim carbonyl C18*
  • Designed for baseline resolution of the 14 carbamate pesticides specified in EPA Method 531.2
  • Highly sensitive, rugged, low-bleed columns designed for the determination of carbamates using LC-postcolumn derivatization-fluorescence or LC-MS detection
  • Achieve baseline resolution of all 14 explosives listed in  EPA SW-846 Method 8330
  • Effective separation of explosive compounds including of TNT, RDX, 1,3,5-TNB, 2,4-DNT and 2,6-DNT
  • Unique selectivity allows for simultaneous separation of some nitrate esters explosives (e.g. PETN and EGDN)
  • Hydrolytic stability at low-pH conditions and compatibility with 100% aqueous mobile phases make these columns ideal for reversed phase retention of hydrophilic aliphatic organic acids
  • Selectivity for a wide spectrum of organic acids, including hydrophilic aliphatic acids, aromatic acids, and select amino acids
  • Ideal selectivity for the baseline resolution of DNPH derivatives regulated by various official methods, including EPA 554, EPA 8315, EPA 1667, EPA TO-11, and CARB 1004
  • Excellent, high-throughput separation of carbonyl compounds, including low molecular weight aldehydes and ketones

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Polyaromatic hydrocarbons
Acclaim surfactant, Acclaim surfactant plusAcclaim AmG C18Hypersil Green PAH
Acclaim Surfactant*
Acclaim Surfactant Plus*
Acclaim AmG C18*
Hypersil Green PAH**
  • Outstanding separation of anionic, nonionic, cationic, and amphoteric surfactants
  • Excellent resolution for ethoxylated surfactants
  • Acclaim Surfactant columns offer improved separation of Triton-X and sodium xylene sulfonate
  • Acclaim Surfactant columns are best suited for use with ultraviolet (UV) detection and ELSD, and Acclaim Surfactant Plus columns are ideal for LC-MS detection
  • Excellent for ion-pairing aminoglycosides separations using trifluoroacetic acid (TFA)
  • Packed with polymer-encapsulated silica covalently bonded with C18 ligands to increase stability under highly acidic conditions
  • Ideal for applications such as drug purity characterization and quantification, therapeutic drug monitoring, and residual control testing in different matrices
  • Hypersil Green PAH columns feature a specially tailored alkyl-bonded silica stationary phase with high carbon loading, excellent performance, and rapid analysis of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
  • Specifically designed for the separation of PAHs and optimized for applications involving the 16 PAHs covered by US EPA Method 610 and European Regulation NF EN ISO 17993

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Acclaim™ 氨基甲酸酯色谱柱采用高效色谱柱,达到美国EPA方法531.2中规定的氨基甲酸酯基线分离。
Acclaim™ Carbonyl C18 LC 色谱柱用于醛类和酮类DNPH衍生物的高分离度和高通量分离。
Acclaim™ 爆炸物E2 LC色谱柱达到EPA方法中所列的所有14种爆炸物基线分离。
Acclaim™ 有机酸LC色谱柱使用这些反相硅胶色谱柱在分离亲水性、脂肪链和芳香族有机酸中表现非凡。
Acclaim™ 表面活性剂LC色谱柱。使用这些高效色谱柱以达到所有等级表面活性剂显著分离目的。
Acclaim™ Surfactant Plus LC 色谱柱选择该色谱柱用于高灵敏度检测的表面活性剂分析。
Acclaim™ Trinity P1 LC 色谱柱同时高效分离药物原料及其对离子。
Acclaim™ Trinity P2 LC 色谱柱分离药物对离子,包括单价和二价阳离子或阴离子。
Acclaim™ Trinity Q1 LC同时分离除草剂敌草快和百草枯。
Hypersil™ Green PAH LC 色谱柱使用这些色谱柱进行多环芳香烃(PAH)的快速分析。
Acclaim™ AmG C18 LC 色谱柱具有独特耐受性的氨基糖苷类色谱柱可以满足当前采用苛刻流动相条件的氨基糖苷类抗生素分析。
  • 高性能、硅胶基C18色谱柱用于离子配对、反相LC分析
  • 独特的色谱柱键合相具有对低pH值、高温、有机溶剂和水相流动相的独特耐受性
  • 经UV、CAD或ELSD检测

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