Recent Developments Clear Path for More Widespread Use of Y-STR Testing - Forensic News (April 2009)

Performance Verification of the Quantifiler Duo DNA Quantification Kit and Implementation of Y-STR Typing: A Streamlined Approach to Co-Validation - Forensic News (April 2009)
Shelly Steadman, M.S. and Sarah Geering, B.S.
Sedgwick County Regional Forensic Science Center

10 Tips for Testifying to Y-STR Results - Forensic News (April 2009)
Cassie Johnson, M.S., Forensic Consultant
Rick W. Staub, Ph.D., Laboratory Director, Orchid Cellmark

Determining Non-Excluded Haplotypes in the Yfiler Database for Y-STR Mixtures - Forensic News (April 2009)
Rick W. Staub, Ph.D., Laboratory Director, Orchid Cellmark
Cassie Johnson, M.S., Forensic Consultant

The Maximizing Data Quality Series - Part 2: DNA Quantitation - Forensic News (April 2009)

An Integrated Sexual Assault Solution, Improved Workflow for Analyzing Sexual Asault Evidence - Forensic Magazine (April-May 2008)
Patrick O'Donnell, Shawn Montpetit, Joseph Varlaro, Lisa Lane Schade, Lisa Calandro

Y-STRs: Another Piece in the DNA Puzzle - Forensic News (February 2008)
Cassie L. Johnson, M.S., Orchid Cellmark

Experiences with the AmpFℓSTR Yfiler PCR Amplification Kit on an Asian Population - Forensic News (October 2007)
By Jessica Yuet Meng Chang, PhD, Forensic DNA/Serology Laboratory Department of Chemistry Malaysia

Successes with the Yfiler Kit in Forensic Casework - Forensic News (April 2007)
By Meaghan Roche, Sorenson Forensics

Using the Quantifiler Kits to Streamline Forensic Casework Analysis - Forensic News (July 2006)
By James Andreas, Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory

Usefulness of the AmpFℓSTR Yfiler™ Kit - A Case Study - Forensic News (April 2006)
By Matthias Muche, Institut für Blutgruppenserologie und Genetik

Success Utilizing the Yfiler™ Kit in Forensic Casework - Forensic News (April 2006)
By Kris Whitman, DNA Technical Leader, Scottsdale Police Department

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