Download the Pesticide Analysis Application Compendium

Learn how to run food and beverage applications across the entire pesticides analysis workflow with this comprehensive compendium containing essential information, from initial sample preparation to data processing. If you run or want to run pesticides analysis using LC-, GC- or IC-MS, this compendium is for you.

The Pesticides Compendium

  • is the first stop to answer your pesticides residue analysis applications questions,
  • features key applications for target and non-targeted analysis using triple quadrupole and Orbitrap mass spectrometer platforms,
  • and complies with the regulatory requirements.

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Application notes

Pesticide Explorer Collection offers start-to-finish workflows

Address your pesticide quantitation challenges with the most comprehensive, robust and reliable solution: the Thermo Scientific™ Pesticide Explorer Collection. This solution contains all the workflow components you’ll need: consumables, hardware, software, and built-in instrument and data processing methods.

To help ensure your immediate success, the Pesticide Explorer Collection is available in two configurations:

These configurations enable you to address the following critical challenges in your routine, regulated/non-regulated and targeted quantitation analysis of pesticides:

  • Develop sensitive, robust, reliable and reproducible quantitation assays to detect and quantify hundreds of pesticides.
  • Meet all necessary regulatory criteria.
  • Ensure successful achievement of your laboratory and business goals.