MARS iQ Rheometer

Upgrade to a modular rheometer for advanced QC

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE RotoVisco 1 and HAAKE RheoStress 1 Rheometers are retired. Now is the perfect time to upgrade to the next level of advanced QC Rheometer and save up to 20%. The Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer series enables a simple and flexible workflow for rheological quality control measurements. The robust modular design, extended measuring capabilities and wide range of accessories allow even novice QC lab users to quickly adapt to different analytical needs.

Your benefits:

Simplified, convenient operations: Built-in “assist” functionalities simplify operations and prevent measuring failures.

SOP operation at your fingertips: Control the HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer either with Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoWin PC Software or launch measuring methods directly from the multilingual color touchscreen.

Extended analytical capabilities: A sensitive normal force sensor enables extended measuring capabilities like texture or tribology measurements.

Seamless methods transfer: Staying with the Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoWin Software platform, ensures a smooth transition of established methods.

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See the HAAKE MARS iQ rheometer in action – Smart functionalities and flexibility for QC labs.

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