Adjusting the gradient delay volume (GDV) of your HPLC system is crucial for successful transfer of an existing HPLC method from one system to another. In addition to software-based compensation, changing the GDV includes manual adjustment of the fluidic pathway, which may require requalification of your instrument if you work in a regulated environment.

The autosampler included with the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Core HPLC system features an integrated metering device as part of the flow path. It enables you to tune the GDV of the system from 0–230 µL without re-plumbing or requalifying the system. An optional method transfer kit allows you to adjust the GDV up to 430 µL without altering the qualification status of your instrument.

See how you can refine separations to match the originating system by simply adjusting the GDV.


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Learn how the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Core system enables smooth method transfer.


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