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Achieve outstanding performance and reliability in the lab with Thermo Scientific™ centrifuges, rotors and accessories. From microcentrifuges and benchtop instruments, to advanced floor models and innovative carbon fiber rotors - all offer exceptional quality for consistent results. Select the option below that most closely matches your application requirements.

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Your application requirementsAchieve performanceCentrifuge selection
Compact versatility and convenience.
Spin microtubes up to 21,100 x g?
21,100 x g

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Quick, reliable and safe separations.
Spin microtubes up to 30,279 x g?
30,279 x g

Find your small benchtop centrifuge ›

More samples, speed, and innovative technologies.
For the flexibility of multiple applications on the benchtop?
4 x 1000mL (4L) capacity

Find your general purpose centrifuge ›

Productivity, safety, and reliability simplified. A wide range
of high speed processing needs, including subcellular
pelleting applications or bioprocessing?
6 x 1000mL capacity or
up to 100,605 x g

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Fast, small, powerful separation technology.
To process viruses, proteins, DNA, RNA?
Up to 1,048,680 x g

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Outstanding reliability with reproducible results.
For high-throughput bioprocessing or blood banking?
6 x 2000mL capacityFind your large capacity centrifuge ›


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