Ultimate Sample Protection
TSX frozen racks

Preserve sample integrity and ensure reliable tracking

Whether your need is for a simple system for a basic lab or a sophisticated system for an automated environment, we have a Thermo Scientific™ storage solution for you. Thermo Scientific tubes and equipment are engineered and tested to work together to ensure sample traceability, sample security and optimal performance.


The key to sample integrity is capping or sealing your tubes to the optimal settings to prevent sample loss, sample degradation and sample evaporation. Our cappers and sealers offer the best options for your applications.

An effective sample storage process relies on accurate barcode reading and sample identification in all stages of the process. Rely on Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ readers for rapid reading and decoding of your 2D barcoded samples.

Create custom arrays of sample tubes in 48-, 96- or 384-format racks quickly and easily for optimal downstream sample processing. Compatible with applications that require sample handling down to –20°C, The Thermo Scientific™ SampleArray™ instrument can transport tubes without thawing precious samples.

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