Development of the highest density wheat genotyping array

Wheat is one of the most important crops in the world. It is a leading source of vegetable protein in human food, has multiple health benefits, and is among the highest contributors to trade among all crops. As a result of generations of cross-species hybridization, the modern wheat genome is 17 Gb, has three nearly identical sub-genomes, each of which consist of seven pairs of chromosomes and is riddled with repeated DNA sequences. This makes the wheat genome extremely challenging to study. Professor Jizeng Jia and his team at the Institute for Crop Sciences at the Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science (Beijing) have developed the highest density, commercially available, integrated genotyping array to facilitate studies in wheat genomics.

The objective of Professor Jia's research is to develop a platform that integrates genomics, germplasm research, and genomics breeding in wheat. To this aim, he collaborated with Affymetrix to develop Axiom Wheat 660K Genotyping Array, which covers almost all wheat genes. Professor Jia will use the array to make breeding decisions by screening the SNPs associated with agronomical important traits, developing a HapMap for wheat, and designing a genomic breeding array for wheat.

Axiom Wheat 660K Genotyping Array will be an invaluable resource for understanding genetic diversity and the genetic basis for trait variations in wheat. With this array, the wheat research community can advance studies of wheat genomics, genetic diversity detection and HapMap development, gene cloning, and breeding.

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