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Power SYBR Green and Fast SYBR Green Cells-to-CT™ Kits take you from cultured cells to real-time PCR results with the fastest, easiest, and most robust workflow available today. A breakthrough cell lysis and RNA stabilization technology completely eliminates the need for laborious and time consuming RNA purification.

SYBR Green Cells-to-CT™ Kits don’t stop at sample preparation. They integrate the lysis technology into a complete, optimized gene expression workflow that includes reverse transcription reagents and high performance Power SYBR Green or Fast SYBR Green Master Mixes.

  • Extraordinary Value—Includes pre-optimized reagents to work efficiently and robustly right out of the box 
  • Extraordinary Ease—Simple, effective Cells-to-CT™ methodology enables sample preparation at room temperature in only 7 minutes, including DNase treatment
  • Extraordinary Performance—Validated accuracy, exceptional reproducibility, and maximal sensitivity from 10 to 100,000 cells per sample; results equivalent to those from purified RNA
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