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Although the manufacturing location for TaqMan Universal PCR Master Mix has recently changed, we haven’t changed the performance or the formulation of the master mix components. Before transitioning the manufacturing location, we conducted extensive testing demonstrating functional equivalency to help ensure that we are able to maintain consistent performance and reliability. This thorough testing of multiple lots, with a number of gene expression assays, assessed dynamic range, sensitivity, specificity, discrimination, and pre-PCR stability. The manufacturing location change has had no effect on the overall functional performance of the master mixes. Furthermore, as part of the manufacturing change, additional functional QC testing has been incorporated into the manufacturing process, and the shelf life has been extended from 1 year to 1.5 years.

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When your results matter, use trusted and verified TaqMan master mixes

We performed a comparison between TaqMan Universal PCR Master Mix and an alternative universal master mix that claimed to provide equivalent performance without the need for revalidation. When real-time PCR results were examined, the competitor’s master mix resulted in variable Ct values across multiple assays. 

Table 1
Panel A: 
Average absolute values of ΔCt between TaqMan Universal PCR Master Mix and competitor master mix

Average ∆Ct∆Ct ViiA 7 384-well∆Ct 7900 HT 384-well∆Ct 7500 96-well
Long Amplicons: low GC%

1.07 ± 0.83

1.27 ± 0.88

0.75 ± 0.56

Long Amplicons: high GC%

0.59 ± 0.47

0.56 ± 0.44

0.72 ± 0.68

Short Amplicons: low GC%

0.44 ± 0.33

0.46 ± 0.30

0.59 ± 0.49

Short Amplicons: high GC%

0.72 ± 0.57

0.76 ± 0.67

0.52 ± 0.42

Panel B: Number of assays with > 0.5 observed ∆Ct

Count of ∆Ct ≥ 0.5

∆Ct ViiA 7 384-well

∆Ct 7900 HT 384-well

∆Ct 7500 96-well

Long Amplicons: low GC%

7/9 (77.8%)

7/9 (77.8%)

6/9 (66.7%)

Long Amplicons: high GC%

9/16 (56.3%)

8/16 (50.0%)

8/16 (50.0%)

Short Amplicons: low GC%6/20 (30.0%)

8/20 (40.0%)

8/20 (40.0%)

Short Amplicons: high GC%

27/51 (52.9%)

28/51 (54.9%)

21/51 (41.2%)

Figure 1


Table 1. Master mix performance comparison summary. This data shows the difference in ∆Ct values with competitor master mix compared to TaqMan Universal Master Mix across 96 assays: long and short amplicons and high and low CG content.
Panel A shows the average difference in ∆Ct values including standard deviation between the two master mixes.
Panel B shows the proportion of assays using competitor master mix where the difference in ∆Ct values was greater than 0.5.

TaqMan Universal PCR Master Mix and a competitor’s master mix were used with 96 gene expression assays, comprising both long and short amplicons, as well as high and low GC percentage content. The assays were tested on the ViiA™ 7, 7900HT, and 7500 real-time PCR systems. Results show variable Ct across multiple assays.

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If you are looking for our best-performing master mix for gene expression experiments, consider the TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix, which provides superior performance and benchtop stability, and has been optimized for multiplexing and for use with Fast and standard instruments.

Product Bulletin: TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix

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