servicing an instrument at the AB Repair Center

Our Repair Center provides a cost-efficient way to service your compact Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen instruments, including thermal cyclers, benchtop devices, and customer-installable real-time PCR systems.

This mail-in option employs factory trained engineers skilled in maintaining and repairing your instrument. You also receive priority phone support from our experienced staff for technical, software, and hardware inquiries. ABRC Support Plans are ideal for those customers in regulated environments that must maintain asset tag consistency to comply with regulated protocols.

Our AB Repair Center plan is the best choice for customers who need their instrument returned after repair (e.g., asset tag consistency). Instruments sent to the Repair Center will undergo factory certified calibration and performance tests, instrument calibration on ground continuity, and firmware upgrades when applicable.

Easy to ship, easy to track
All you need to do is put your instrument in the box provided and fill out the decontamination form. Your local distribution center will then manage the shipment and track the movement and repair progress of your instrument.

Verify optimal performance
All maintenance and repair plans include a series of tests, verifying your (q)PCR instrument is operating according to manufacturer’s specifications. These tests include:

  • Temperature calibration—optimize the calibration parameters, slope, and offset of the sample block sensors to confirm the temperature accuracy and temperature non-uniformity of your instrument. Optimize the calibration parameters, slope, and offset of the heated cover sensor.
  • Factory certified performance tests—confirm that your system is operating within published specifications: this includes testing heating and cooling rates, average cycle time, cycle time standard deviation, temperature accuracy, and temperature non-uniformity. As part of this procedure, you will receive a Certificate of Analysis with your serviced instrument.
  • Optical calibration—perform Pure Dye Matrix, Instrument Normalization and background calibrations to ensure optimal optical performance. (Applicable to qPCR instruments only)
  • Ground continuity—conduct high-potential, instrument insulation resistance and leak current tests to confirm electronical safety according to international standard IEC 61010.
  • Firmware upgrade—upgrade to the latest version of firmware, while maintaining all existing methods.

Choose the service plan that’s right for you
Using our service plans helps you understand what your annual maintenance expenses are in advance, facilitating your budgeting process. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a range of plans that give you the flexibility to choose the level of service that’s ideal for your organization. Our plans range from full coverage for repair and maintenance with a choice of a loaner instrument to more specialized services that complement your in-house maintenance program.* For regulated laboratories, we also have on­site options.

Repair Center Plans
  ABRC SupportABRC AssuranceABRC Assurance MDTVABRC MaintenanceABRC Maintenance MDTV

Parts, labor & shipping  

Labor & shipping   
Loaner optional optional 
MDTVLabor & shipping   

Added value
Priority phone support
Temperature calibration
Certificate of analysis  
MDTV report   
Electrical check
Cleaning of sample block

For additional information on this plan and all other AB service plans, please contact Thermo Fisher Scientific at or via telephone at 800 327 3002 (toll-free in US only) or (800) 5345 5345, option 2 (Europe, Middle East and South Africa).

The AB Repair Center services our Research Use Only (RUO) labeled instruments, and our diagnostic (IVD) labeled instruments.