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Our integrated ecosystem of laboratory plastics and equipment help give your team the tools, information, and insights needed to accurately collect, handle, analyze and validate precious samples from discovery to solution.


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Our commitment to supporting your scientific achievements begins with ensuring that you can rely on Thermo Scientific products to be of the highest available quality and to meet or exceed your expectations for performance according to the requirements of your applications. Our Fit for Purpose designations provides customers with an easy way to find and select the lab consumables that are ideally suited to your specific application needs. 


Perspective on Genomics

eBook: PCR, the ubiquitous molecular biology workhorse reasserts its continue relevance

The ebook examines the rising role of the genetics in medical diagnostics.  The collections of article looks at the dramatic increase in prevalence of PCR testing.

Whitepaper: Ensuring Efficiency in Life Science Processes with Sample Storage and Liquid Handling

The whitepaper explores the evolution of genomic technologies from research to real-time treatment.  It also addresses the product needed to storage and process genomic material.