Invitrogen offers a diverse selection of DNA probes for chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH). Check out our broad portfolio of gene amplification, translocation, centromere probes, their corresponding detection reagents, ancillary products, and more

Amplification probes

ProductQuantityCat. no.
EGFR0.4 ml (20 slides)84-1300
Topo IIα0.4 ml (20 slides)84-0600

CISH detection kits

ProductQuantityCat. no.
CISH Polymer Detection Kit40 slides84-9246
CISH Centromere Detection Kit40 slides84-9248

Companion products

ProductQuantityCat. no.
Tissue Pretreatment Kit40 slides00-8401
SSC Buffer (20X)100 ml00-8400