Next Generation IHC Detection Kits

Now with superior performance and increased stability

New, next-generation detection products for immunohistochemistry (IHC) feature improved DAB substrate reagents for greater signal sensitivity and the addition of an endogenous peroxidase quenching solution for a more complete IHC staining protocol. Increased sensitivity allows clear target antigen detection and higher primary antibody dilution factors.

  • Provide more sensitivity and more consistent staining with difficult-to-detect antigens
  • Offer greater stability and ease of use
  • Save money by increasing primary antibody dilutions

Increased sensitivity

Increased sensitivity

Figure 1. Mouse anti-EGFr stained esophageal carcinoma tissue sections. 
(A) Image using the improved SuperPicture 3rd Gen IHC Detection Kit. 
(B) Image using a leading competitor’s kit. Note the intense staining and distinct labeling of the cellular membrane in Image A.

Increased stability

Increased stability

Figure 2. Mouse anti-PCNA stained small intestine tissue sections. 
(A) Image using the new 2-solution DAB that was freshly prepared prior to applying to the section. 
(B) Image using the 2-solution DAB after storage for 30 days at 37ºC, and then mixed for use. Note the clear nuclear staining and similar IHC performance without any increase in background staining.

Increased user tolerance and ease of use

Increased user tolerance

Figure 3. Mouse anti-PCNA stained tonsil tissue section. The 2-solution DAB was freshly prepared prior to applying to the section. 
Image (A) was taken after incubating for 5 minutes, 
Image (B) after incubating for 20 minutes, and 
Image (C) after incubating for 40 minutes. 
The new DAB solution is more user tolerant, and much less likely to result in high background staining.

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