Thermo Fisher Scientific offers accessible ways to leverage the advantages of cryo-EM without making a full investment. Explore options for various levels of cryo-EM access and support and walk away with never-before-seen structures that prove the power of cryo-EM for your work.


Practical paths to accessing cryo-EM

We provide two entry points to cryo-EM. Read more to determine which one is right for you.


Invest in cryo-EM services to support your discoveries                     

Ideal for:

Scientists in drug discovery who want secure, supported access to facilitate faster success          

What it is:

Three levels of service to support your every step as you apply cryo-EM to your projects


Select service centers that partner with Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Identify academic cryo-EM facilities with the tools you need to succeed

Ideal for:

Academic researchers who want to steer their facility selection and access state-of-the-art technology  

What it is:

A laboratory directory that simplifies the search for a facility to jumpstart your next discovery


More than 15 centralized facilities located around the world

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Invest in secure services that support cryo-EM adoption


Cryo-EM helps you visualize never-before-seen structures of all sizes at a near-atomic level, giving you an exceptional advantage in the race to create more effective drugs. These service options offer practical resources so you can get fast, reliable cryo-EM results tailored to the biopharmaceutical industry and build the confidence you need to start solving your structures.

The service centers include contract research organizations (CRO) that offer three levels of service to accommodate your needs and support you every step of the way:

  • Starter Kit (Level 1): Determine if cryo-EM is right for your sample
  • Explore (Level 2): Obtain 3D structural insights for your project
  • Impact (Level 3): Apply cryo-EM to multiple project

In using these services, you’ll also learn cryo-EM basics and theory through one-on-one sessions with experts at the service centers.

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Find the right academic cryo-EM facility 

Structural biologists increasingly turn to cryo-EM to understand challenging biological proteins that are hard to crystalize. Thermo Fisher Scientific connects you to world-class facilities where you can advance your research by obtaining cryo-EM structures and proof of concept data for cryo-EM using your own samples.

Most facilities have an application form that will guide you through proposal requirements. Although the requirements vary by facility, generally you can expect to submit a research proposal for independent scientific and technical evaluation that speaks to the following:

  • Scientific background and project significance
  • Technical suitability and feasibility including descriptions of the sample and sample quality      

Individual facilities also offer different levels of service, which may include sample prep, grid screening, and cryo-EM training.

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If you are looking for support to better secure your success with cryo-EM, read about our cryo-EM services.