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Single particle analysis webinars

Single particle analysis (SPA) is a cryo-EM technique that enables structural characterization at near-atomic resolutions, unraveling dynamic biological processes and the structure of biomolecular complexes/assemblies.

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Cryo-tomography webinars

Cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) delivers both structural information about individual proteins and their spatial arrangements within the cell. Cryo-ET can bridge the gap between light microscopy and near-atomic-resolution techniques like single-particle analysis. Watch now to see how cryo-ET is opening literal windows into cells.

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MicroED webinars

Micro electron diffraction (MicroED) is an exciting new technique with applications in the structural determination of small molecules and proteins. With this method, atomic details can be extracted from individual nanocrystals (<200 nm in size), even in a heterogeneous mixture. Learn how MicroED is transforming structural determination.

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Integrative structural biology webinars

Integrative structural biology uses structural and functional information from various techniques, including mass spectrometry and cryo-EM, to arrive faster at a more complete picture of the protein and its function. See how integrating data helps you to understand structure-function relationships.

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Ask the Experts series

These interactive Q&A sessions offer you the chance to stay connected to the latest science through conversations on unique topics. Register for upcoming cryo-EM Ask the Experts webinars.

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Labroots Webinar series

We partnered with Labroots to offer webinars that are approved for Continuing Education credits. Our webinar collection has content for new users and experienced microscopists. Save your seat at upcoming webinars.

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