Molecular Biology Webinar Series

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E-Gel precast gels

Learn how to speed-up your experiments. There are no gels to pour, buffers to make, staining or destaining steps to perform, or gel boxes to assemble.

E-Gel DNA ladders

The Invitrogen E-Gel DNA ladders are formulated with chromatography-purified DNA fragments in ready-to-use loading buffer.

E-Gel Power Snap Plus Electrophoresis System

Learn how in less than 18 minutes, the agarose gel electrophoresis system has results you can capture with the built-in high-resolution camera.


Molecular Biology Resource Library

Access valuable support for standard molecular biology techniques from our library of webinars, videos, articles, and more. 

Molecular Biology Web Tools

Utilize free online tools for primer analysis, reaction setup, biochemical conversions, and calculators.

Product selection guides

Molecular Biology Handbook

Optimize your experiments. Our latest edition is improved with more technical tips, educational tools, and guidance to select the right molecular biology products.

Molecular Biology Spotlight Articles

Get meaningful results at the bench with practical tips and tricks! This collection of articles features various molecular biology applications for PCR, cloning, reverse transcription, and more.

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