For laboratories currently operating with up to ten Thermo Scientific Chromeleon CDS workstations, Workstation Connect allows you to unlock the power of your existing software by simply connecting them together with a central Chromeleon Domain Controller. When connected, Chromeleon CDS extends beyond the workstation, delivering additional capabilities to your laboratory with the additional benefit of enterprise-level support.

Allow your laboratory to profit from a more efficient data management workflow with all instruments accessible and controllable from any point of the network with no need for additional hardware, such as servers, ensuring costs and effort are minimized.

将您的工作站连接在一起并指定一个作为 Chromeleon 域控制器可以获得通常只有企业级用户才能获得的大量益处。

  • 远程仪器控制与数据处理
  • 标配合规性和数据完整性工具
  • 集中管理和许可
  • 集中共享打印机
  • 简化数据搜索和共享
  • 企业级支持合同
  • 可扩展性,面向未来
  • 集中式数据存储功能*

* 需要其他硬件,例如网络附加存储 (NAS) 或服务器文件共享。

Workstation Connect diagram

Chromeleon CDS Workstation Connect

With Workstation Connect you can unlock the power of your existing standalone installations by simply connecting them together. Maximize the benefits of enterprise without the effort or expense.

What's new in Chromeleon 7.3.2 CDS

Chromeleon 7.3.2 CDS delivers vast improvements in performance, compliance, and usability while increasing the resilience of network operations.

Expand your business operations

Learn how Chromeleon CDS is built for large networks and can seamlessly expand to a multi-site environment while maintaining high performance levels.

Seamless Scalability with Chromeleon CDS

Discover how Chromeleon CDS provides seamless expansion standardizing on one software without compromising performance or data security.

Chromeleon Software Overview

Run instruments using the same intuitive user interface, with the same methods, and provide results in the same format. Operate any instrument, any time.

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