Charged Aerosol Detection Publications

What applications are ideal for Charged Aerosol Detection?

Learn how scientists in nearly every industry use Charged Aerosol Detectors, from basic research and development to quality control analysis in manufacturing.


Charged Aerosol Detection (CAD) delivers the simplicity, reproducibility, and performance required for a full range of applications from drug discovery to fuel and polymer production and food safety.

This near-universal detection method is the best choice for true quantitative analysis and enables researchers to push the boundaries of their detection capabilities into areas where other techniques have trouble performing.

Because CAD offers more sensitivity, a wider dynamic range, and more consistent responses than other technologies, scientists in nearly every industry use this technique in tandem with liquid chromatography analysis.

This page contains a collection of CAD peer-reviewed publications and highlights the breadth and scope of the different analytical applications reported in the literature.

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