Which IC column is best for your analysis?

Each Thermo Scientific Dionex ion chromatography column is specially designed to help you reliably separate samples with confidence. Visit the table below for an overview of our IC column portfolio and browse highlights of our different column types from anion-exchange columns to columns for amino acid or carbohydrate separations.

Ion chromatography column categories

Hydroxide-selective anion-exchange IC columns

Use these high-capacity, high-resolution columns for inorganic anions, oxyhalides, organic acids, haloacetic acids and multivalent anions in complex matrices.
Carbonate eluent anion-exchange IC columns

Perform well-characterized, isocratic separations, including regulated methods for drinking water and wastewater.
Cation-exchange IC columns

Obtain high-resolution separations of inorganic cations, ammonium and amines, including alkylamines, alkanolamines, and biogenic amines.
Specialty IC columns

These columns are used for a variety of specialty applications, including transition metals, polyvalent anions, hexavalent chromium, sulfide, and cyanide.
Ion-exclusion IC columns

For separating aliphatic organic acids and alcohols in complex samples and for monitoring trace levels of borate in high-purity water.
Carbohydrate IC columns

Carbohydrate columns are optimized for high-resolution separation of sugars and sugar alcohols.
Amino acid IC columns

Amino acid columns separate free amino acids without derivatization.
Reversed-phase IC columns

For ionizable compounds or traditional reversed-phase applications. Mixed-mode columns are available for hydrophobic, neutral and ionic species.
IC concentrator columns

Primarily for high-purity water analysis, these columns retain ions of interest while eliminating matrix interferences.
IC trap columns

Trap eluent contaminants to prevent them from interfering with analytical results.

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