Sample Prep for Nucleic Acid and Protein Isolation

Food and beverage quality and safety

It is our priority to provide superior food and beverage testing from sample preparation and beyond. Our educational resources, customer support, and extensive product portfolio allow you to focus on your priority—preparing high quality food and beverages to meet evolving needs.

Nucleic acid extraction and protein and cell isolation is a key ingredient to the food and beverage testing workflows

Explore our wide array of sample preparation solutions

Fermentation and culture workflows

From identifying key microbes that affect testing and quality to culturing yeast strains that best suit the flavor profile of beer, achieve your goals with our wide array of food processing options.

Product verification for dietary restrictions

Food source validation and cross-contamination

Validate food sources and support your customers’ health. Explore our sample preparation solutions to isolate and analyze microbial DNA and eliminate food contaminates.

Sustainable sourcing and testing

Help ensure food sourcing, production, distribution, and packaging is sustainable. From seafood species ID to formulation of plant-based food alternatives, find the right sustainability products for you.

Quality control for nutrient testing

Ensure customers are consuming the nutrients they need to maintain and improve their health. Explore our automated sample preparation options to extract and purify vitamins or delve into our processing methods for sports supplements.

Cannabis and sample testing solutions

The cannabis industry is growing, and Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a complete array of cannabis testing solutions to help your business grow too. Explore our offerings to isolate DNA or cannabis specific proteins.


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