Life Technologies offers scientists access to an ever-growing suite of technologies and scientific expertise to shape and support integrated drug discovery and development client programs.

Tailored partnerships are built on a foundation of communication and understanding. Project goals are our first consideration and we have developed a dedicated infrastructure to design and manage these to a successful outcome.

  • Strategic alliance management team: consults with client to recommend project framework and select optimal mix of our capabilities
  • Dedicated project manager for your project: acts as the single point of contact once the project is established
  • PhD scientist-led execution team: co-designs the scientific work plan with client and manages the functional execution

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Customer Testimonial

“I’m very pleased with the high-quality data and fast turnaround time with these assays. The services provided by your team - including performing assays, answering our questions, and providing follow-up steps - were outstanding.”

- Invitrogen discovery services customer

Oncology Case Study

A recent client partnership provides an example of how our portfolio of products and services can be leveraged to accelerate an oncology drug discovery program.

  • Target generation—internal client challenges with target expression and purification were overcome using our portfolio of gene expression technologies and expertise in insect cell expression. Evaluation protein was delivered to client (5 weeks).

  • HTS assay development—to support HTS and hit confirmation, our scientists developed a LanthaScreen TR-FRET assay that met client performance criteria and delivered bulk HTS reagents (5 weeks).

  • Secondary cellular assays—in parallel with the HTS campaign, we built a suite of cellular assays for lead optimization and SAR (WT target, disease variant, closest neighbor, and safety ortholog). Stable cell lines validated with reference compounds were delivered to the client (10 weeks).

  • Secondary screening support—following identification of promising scaffolds, the client engaged with us to perform weekly medicinal chemistry screening support using the suite of developed cellular assays.

  • Client impact:

    • Client technical hurdles resolved through partnership
    • Tailored screening reagents delivered in less than 5 months
    • Unique scaffolds identified from primary screen
    • Medicinal chemistry activated
    • Estimated client cost avoidance (FTE) = $1M


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