Nuclear receptor biology

Solutions for measuring nuclear receptor activity

To facilitate your drug discovery efforts, we have developed a nuclear receptor solutions platform to address target access, assay development/HTS, lead profiling, cell-based validation, and customized programs.

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Nuclear receptor proteins

Rely on our experience with expressing and purifying steroid hormone receptors and access nuclear receptors of the highest quality, activity, and purity for research applications.


Nuclear receptor antibodies & immunoassays

Find the right antibody you need and quantify nuclear receptors in a wide variety of sample types with our Luminex solutions.



Biochemical nuclear receptor assays

Study nuclear receptor activity with PolarScreen NR Competitive Binding Assays and LanthaScreen NR Coregulator Interaction Assays.


Cell-based nuclear receptor reporter assays

GeneBLAzer Validated Assays can measure receptor activation or inhibition by compounds and can be used to determine compound potency and selectivity.



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