Every chemistry student needs a solid understanding of NMR spectroscopy.The Thermo Scientific picoSpin NMR Spectrometer is an ideal solution to providing real-world experience with acquiring and processing NMR spectra. Find out how benchtop NMR has made a difference in chemistry education directly from the instructors who use it. In these testimonials, chemistry professors discuss the importance of benchtop NMR in the classroom and how they have incorporated it into their teaching curriculum.


"We provided a one-day teacher workshop last fall to train the teachers on the instrument as well as refresh their memory on NMR spectroscopy theory and interpretation.
"We wanted to be able to get students hands-on experience with an instrument of this sort since they are used extensively in graduate schools and industry."
"The availability of the benchtop NMR means that every institution can now provide hands-on experiences with NMR to their students."
"The ease of use for sophomore-level students has been key for our program; and students really feel connected to the products they are making in lab."
"We also plan on bringing the instrument right into the classroom for live demonstrations during our units on NMR. This will certainly help to bring the material to life and take some of the mystery out of the process."
"My students really enjoy 'figuring out' if their experiment worked by analyzing their products, and the picoSpin NMR has allowed us to incorporate an additional (and powerful) method of analysis into our teaching labs."

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Featuring the latest news, events, and educational approaches in benchtop NMR, Tech Talk is your forum for bringing this interesting and valuable technique into the classroom or as part of your analytical laboratory. Discover what's new from peers and from our experts at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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