Equipment to help improve workflow efficiency and sample security

Whether your sample processing throughput is just a few samples or a few thousand, our sample storage equipment can help ease workflows, increase processing speeds and improve sample security. Our plate sealers, barcode readers and capping/decapping equipment help give you confidence in routine operations like helping to ensure seal integrity and tracking samples, while delivering measurable workflow efficiencies that can scale with your lab’s needs. We understand that your samples and your processes are vitally important to your success, and you can rest assured that Thermo Scientific sample processing equipment is manufactured to high quality standards for reliability and compatibility.  

Instrument features

Equipment suited to your throughput needs

Improve speed and efficiency no matter how many samples your labs processes in a day.  Our equipment offering is calibrated to your throughput requirements.

Automation enabling

Our sample storage equipment portfolio enables labs of any size or throughput capability to benefit from workflow efficiencies. From manual tasks to fully integrated automation systems, our products are easy to use and ready to scale. 

Compatible with the most popular consumables

There’s no need to stop using the sample storage products you are accustomed to.  Our equipment is designed to work well with a wide range of high-quality tubes, plates and racks.

Fast and versatile plate sealing

Ensure the proper seal, fast and efficiently whether you’re using heat, adhesives, lids or caps on a wide range of microplates, deepwell plates, blocks or tube racks.

Simple and efficient sample tracking

Keep better records, easily find and track your valuable samples and improve storage organization with fast and accurate barcode readers and software.

Improved workflow and more reliable tube sealing

Cap and decap tubes by whole rows or racks at a time while helping ensure consistently appropriate torque and reliable sealing time after time.

For general laboratory use.