Cell Therapy Systems (CTS)

Scale-up to clinical and commercial manufacturing

Whether you’re developing an autologous or allogeneic T cell therapy, Gibco CTS OpTmizer serum-free media (SFM), created specifically for cell therapy, has been designed to help you scale-up to clinical and commercial manufacturing. With a proven track record, our media can help to minimize the risk of contamination and variability in your manufacturing and provide extensive traceability documentation including FDA Drug Master Files and Regulatory Support Files, helping to facilitate a seamless transition to commercialization.

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Gibco CTS OpTmizer media features:

  • Available in bottles and bags for use with closed, automated systems
  • Minimizes the need to purchase, store, and qualify serum, thus reducing variability and costs
  • Can enable more rapid T cell expansion, reducing cycle time and improving productivity
  • Complete serum-free, xeno-free medium, allowing for a seamless transition from research to clinical applications